Case story: SpeediCath Compact Male

The Digest

SpeediCath Compact Male changed the way many catheter users thought about catheterisation. We realised that such a revolutionary form factor did not need to be oversold - people just needed to see it and we knew they'd be sold. Ultimately, the launch of this exceptional product would play a role in changing the way Coloplast markets its products.


The Details

Our first departure from Coloplast’s established method of launching products was to introduce a pre-launch phase. This served the twin purposes of raising awareness of the very issues that SpeediCath Compact Male was designed to solve and generating buzz among catheter users and healthcare professionals.


The second major change was to put the voice of the user front and centre in the communication. We advised taking a back seat and simply letting the people who would be using the product to describe its benefits.

The result was refreshingly credible and new-to-the-category communication that struck a chord with the target market. Web films, banners, sales aids and printed communication helped generate a number of leads for Coloplast while global sales for the first year would exceed projections.


The success of the launch, and the positive reactions to the web films, convinced Coloplast to commission a post-launch round of communication, this time focusing on ways in which the product enabled users to pursue their passions.

Coloplast’s experience with SpeediCath Compact Male has also accelerated the evolution of its marketing practices in ways that reflect its increased engagement with its customers. A YouTube channel now acts as a hub for all the company’s film work while it is also developing apps for smartphones, extending the company’s value proposition from product provider to service provider.