Case story: Solgryn

Powered by Solgryn, shaped by hearts


The brief

Every day, 19 women die of a cardiovascular disease in Denmark. At a time where funding for research and prevention was much needed, OTA Solgryn chose to support the Danish Heart Association’s campaign, Elsk Hjertet (Love the heart). Advance was asked to activate the sponsorship whilst strengthening the more than 100 year old breakfast brand.


The idea

OTA Solgryn contains beta glucans, a dietary fiber which lowers cholesterol and helps to boost heart health. We powered this product property with the “Heart shape” concept. We encouraged all Danes to create heart-shaped routes whenever they were out exercising. For each completed workout, OTA Solgryn gave a 5 kr donation to the Danish Heart Foundation. To make it possible for users to track and share their heart-shaped routes, we teamed up with Endomondo.


The solution

Our app downloaded information from Endomondo on workouts tagged with #hjerteform.
Among these data were route coordinates which we formed into a static map via Google Maps that we could use elsewhere.

All routes appeared in our backend system and were approved manually.
Each route was published to our Heart Shape app on Facebook with an option to post them on Solgryns timeline.



The workouts tagged with the hashtag #hjerteform were visualized as individual hearts on the map of Denmark via a dedicated Facebook app.



♥ 1.598 hearts ♥ Over 10.000 km. ♥ All over Denmark

Users could watch how the number of hearts grew all over Denmark in real time along with detailed information about the routes and donations.
During the first nine months, 1,598 heart-shaped routes were created all over Denmark, with a total length of over 10,000 km.



♥ 500.000 readers ♥ 125.000 followers

Journalists, bloggers and the Director of the Danish Heart Foundation kicked-off the campaign with a special night run and secured coverage in various lifestyle and fitness magazines, with a total of  500,000 readers, and mentions in blogs with more than 125,000 followers.


♥ 20.000 users

More than 20,000 users participated in the special Endomondo Challenge.



♥ 25.000 joggers

Earned media by Emeritageløbet and Copenhagen Marathon, with a total of 25,000 joggers and close to a hundred thousand spectators.



♥ 1 million users, a platform with more than one million users, created a special section dedicated to Solgryn’s Heart Shaped campaign before and during major sports events.



♥ 25.000 Facebookfans ♥ 1,4 million impressions

25,000 fans on Facebook and 1,4 million impressions through packaging featuring personal stories behind individual heart shaped routes.