Case story: fødevareBanken

- From food waste to food win, helping one non-profit in its mission to help the socially vulnerable



Every year, we offer our services pro-bono for a good cause. This year we partnered with fødevareBanken – ‘The Food Bank’ – to raise awareness of the great work they do delivering food that would otherwise go to waste to people in need. 

What is The Food Bank?

The Food Bank is a non-profit association that combats food waste and food poverty in Denmark. They redistribute surplus food, or food that the supermarkets can’t sell for various reasons, to people who are socially vulnerable. (We should point out that the food is never past its expiration date.)

The Concept

Working together over a series of workshops, we developed the campaign concept ‘En Chance Til’ (Another Chance). The message behind the campaign is that it’s not just the food that deserves another chance, but also the people receiving it. The campaign will be rolled out throughout November and our goal is to help rally support behind The Food Bank and their work, both from potential partners and the general public. Keep an eye out for the campaign and show your support by heading over to their social channels. A like or a share will go a long way:


Instragram @fodevarebanken


Sharing the message

We camped out at Kultorvet in Copenhagen and had some great conversations informing people of how fødevareBanken works to give both food and people a second chance.
Take a look at what came out of it.